Surface Effects

Surface Effects refer to how a surface is rendered. To change the effects for a surface open the Surface Effects dialog with the Window: Surface Effects menu command and select surface(s) as Surface A.


Sets the Surface diffuse RGB color and Alpha value. Alpha is used for transparency.
Note: Surface's alpha value is written to render target and can be used for blending.


Sets the specular reflection color and power


Sets the Surface texture wrap and mirror

Texture Blend

Sets texture blending for multi-texture

Bump Map

Normal vector map
Makes surface appear bumpy when lighting is applied, includes amplitude adjustment
Pattern Map Matrix Index
Sets 2x2 UV matrix used to animate pattern map applied to surface.  Index is a reference that can be shared across surfaces.
Only used in animation script, when changed affects all surfaces using index reference value. 
Defaults to identity when no animation script is running.

Environment Map

Renders the surrounding scene onto the Surface giving it a reflective effect referred to as environment mapping

Height Map

Displaces the surface vertices along the normal vector using the height map


Sets objects as instance objects on the Surface