Setting a Base Plane Grid

The Base Plane is a surface along Y axis (0, 1, 0) which objects can be placed on.  Grid lines on the Base plane can be used as guides to place objects or surfaces along the grid lines.  Base Plane Grid may be enabled/disabled at any time by using Surface Grid: Enable Base Plane Grid menu option.

Base Plane Grid line color codes

● Bold blue lines are the X axis direction planes.
● Bold yellow lines are the Z axis direction planes.
● Green lines are ½ the grid size
● White lines are ¼ the grid size

Configuring the Base Plane Grid

Base Plane Grid can be configured using the Surface Grid: Configure Base Plane Grid menu option.

Grid Size
Sets dimension of each square grid, distance between bold blue/yellow lines.

Surface Size
Size of the rendered surface representing the Base Plane Grid.

Y Position
Location along Y axis for the Base Plane Grid surface

Base Plane Grid surface can be rendered as partially transparent.

Place New Objects on Base Plane
When new objects are created they will automatically be placed onto the Base Plane Grid surface.

Placing Objects/Surfaces onto the Base Plane Grid

Objects selected as Solid A can be placed on the Base Plane using Solid: Place A on Base Plane menu option.  Selected Surface A(s) can be placed on the Base Plane using Surface: Place A on Base Plane menu option.

Aligning and Translating in Base Plane Grid Directions and Increments

Objects and surfaces can be aligned and translated along the Base Plane grid lines in ¼ grid distances by enabling grid align movements button on the control panel. Grid alignment uses Object centers or nearest surface vertex in case of Surface A.

Note: Selected Surface A takes precedence over Object A(s) when both are selected for grid alignment.

Illustration showing Base Plane Grid enabled