3D On-screen Transformations using Mouse/Pointer

Scene objects and the view can be transformed using mouse/pointer device.

Transforming Scene Objects

Select Object A in the scene, move mouse with left button held down in direction of an on-screen axis guide. 

Axis of transformation will be chosen from on-screen pointer movement corresponding to the
direction matching the on-screen axis guide.  As shown Object A is translated along yellow
axis guide.

Transformation applied is determined by transform mode selection (rotate, translate, scale).
Note: Scale will be applied equally in X/YZ dimensions, to scale in a specific dimension select an axis guide pointer, see below.

Transforming Along a Specific Axis Only

Transform along a specified axis by choosing one of the on-screen axis guide pointers using left button. 
Note: Selected pointer guide will highlight in green.

Transformations using mouse will only occur along selected axis guide, in picture shown here Y axis is selected.

View Transformation

Zoom view in/out, wheel

Pan/tilt view, right button held down