Getting Started

Visual 3D Modeler starts in an open 3D space. A Cartesian left-handed coordinate system is used where the x-axis is horizontal, y-axis is vertical and the z-axis is the depth and points into screen when viewed along the z-axis.

Left-handed Cartesian coordinate system

Files can be loaded and saved from the File menu. Files are stored in the Visual Solid Model file format specified by the .vsm type.

Selecting Objects and Surfaces

Selecting Objects

There are two kinds of selections, Object A and Object B. Point and click left mouse button to select Object A. Selected Object A's highlight in blue. More than 1 Object A can be selected at once to perform transforms or copy multiple Objects. To select more than one Object A hold shift+click left mouse button. The other kind of Object selection is Object B, point and click right mouse button to select Object B. Object B highlights in yellow when selected. Only 1 Object B can be selected at once.

Selecting Surfaces

Surfaces from Objects can also be selected. There are also two kinds of surface selections, Surface A and Surface B. Hold ctrl+point and click left mouse button to select Surface A. Selected Surface A's highlight in red. More than 1 Surface A can be selected at once by holding shift+ctrl+click left mouse button. The other kind of surface selection is Surface B, point and hold ctrl+click right mouse button. Surface B highlights in green and only 1 Surface B can be selected at once.

Changing Selection/Deselecting

Re-selecting an Object/Surface will toggle the selection. By selecting another Object/Surface without holding the shift key the selection will switch to other Object/Surface. Point and click at an 'empty' space on the screen will deselect. 

3D On-screen Transformations using Mouse

Using mouse/pointer while Object A is selected hold left button down, move pointer in direction of an on-screen axis guide.  Object A will transform along direction of axis guide corresponding to the on-screen pointer movement.  Transformation applied is determined by transform mode selection (rotate, translate, scale).

Object A is translated along on-screen yellow axis guide direction as pointer is moved

Note: Scale will be applied equally in X/YZ dimensions, to scale in a specific dimension select an axis guide pointer.

Transform along a specified axis only by choosing one of the on-screen axis guide pointers using left button. 
Note: Pointer guide will highlight in green when selected

View Transformation
Zoom view in/out, wheel

Pan/tilt view, right button held down

Interactive Displacement Mapping (only applies to objects created with displacement mapping)

Click on displacement mapped object in scene using middle or front side button to place brush location, hold to drag

Use wheel to apply displacement to brush location on the object