Export File Formats

.STL File Format

STL files contain only model geometry and is the format used by slicing programs for 3D printing.  STL files have no defined unit scale, exported models will need to be resized to specific scale when imported into slicing program.  Exported STL file will be closed manifold, however due to floating point precision and other factors some non-manifold edges may remain.  Usually slicing programs can manage this, if there is an issue recommend using Netfabb 3D model service, https://service.netfabb.com/

.OBJ with .MTL File Format

OBJ files are a common 3D file format that contain model geometry and some attributes.  Associated MTL (material) file specify textures and surface colors.

Attributes supported by .OBJ/.MTL file

 ● Vertex Normals
 ● Texture coordinates
 ● Surface diffuse/specular color
 ● Surface base map texture

Note: Some 3D applications do not import associated MTL file only geometry from OBJ file.

Export File Options

File: Export to STL/OBJ File option exports all models to file. 

File: Export Selected to STL/OBJ File option exports only selected Solid A model(s) to file. 

Note: Non-planar texture coordinates are calculated per pixel at render time, OBJ file supports per vertex texture coordinates.  Surfaces using non-planar texture coordinates will not render entirely correct when imported from OBJ format.  This is also case when exporting models using tri-planar mapping.