Environment Effects

Environment effects configure settings that apply to entire rendered scene.  Activate dialog with Window: Environment Effects menu option

Background Color

Set background color of scene by choosing an ARGB color.

Fade to Color

Geometry will linearly fade to set color based on start/end Z distance from view point.

Ambient Color

Sets Ambient light color/level for the scene

Sky Box Settings

Sky Diffuse - Color for sky
Sky Fade % - Controls how Fade to Color effects the sky
Disable Sky Box - Removes currently set sky box

HDR Lighting/Effects

HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting tone maps non-visible light ranges in the scene into a visible range.  Light sources can oversaturate scene causing washout where nothing is visible except for a bright light.  HDR is a way to allow bright light sources in the scene without oversaturation.

Multiple light source can easily washout the scene

Enable HDR in the HDR Lighting tab, controls include Exposure and Color Range Scale.  Color Range Scale setting allows some degree of oversaturation and creates a more color vibrant effect.  Standard HDR where everything is mapped into visible range can result in pale colors.

HDR Effects

HRD Effects tab configures light bloom and star effects.  These detect oversaturated areas of the scene and add effects to those areas.  Detection is based on max(R, G, B) value per pixel in the scene compared with a brightness threshold setting ranging from 0.5 - 4.0.  

Above scene with HRD lighting and effects applied