Design Tips

Undo Object Scale, Surface Effects/Texture Set All...

When designing it is useful to scale, change texture or apply surface effects to an Object from the scene to see what it would look like.  Surface Effects and Textures can be applied to all surfaces of an object making it easy to try variations.  Using CSG Undo feature the original Object state can be reverted to. 

1.  Original Object state
2.  Change texture of all surfaces
3.  Undo last CSG function
4.  Reapply CSG function, reverted to original state.

Doorway Cut Out

Example doorway cut out using rectangle, one has a texture overlay and one is a flush cut out.

1.  Rectangle shape placed at doorway location
2.  Use CSG difference to cut out doorway,
on control panel.  Note texture overlap
3.  For a flush cut out select wall surface as Surface B and door surface as Surface A, align and set doorway surface to wall surface,
4.  Use CSG difference to cut out doorway, cut out is flush with floor texture

Note: Z aliasing/fighting in scene is normal when surfaces are made co-planar