Creating new Objects

New objects are added to the scene by selecting one of the primitive shapes from the Solid: New menu list

Primitive Shapes
Dervied Cone

There are many variations when adding a new shape, number of sides, texture and lighting styles are configurable.  Torus and sphere shapes have two side dimensions referred to as U, V (latitude, longitude directions).

Example from New: Cylinder menu option

Half Shapes

 Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Torus half shapes

Rounded Edge Shapes

Rectangle, Cylinder with rounded edges

Torus Options

Wrap V: When option checked specify start/end to create a partial torus that does not wrap around 360° and enclose
Square Ends: Used with Wrap V option, makes torus ends squared off

  Partial torus created with Wrap V option and additionally with Square Ends option on right

Derived Cone

A cylinder/cone shape can be derived from a surface consisting of a single convex polygon selected as Surface A.  Base ratio setting in Derived Cone menu option determines what form cone shapes takes.  Values > 1 result in a widening base, values < 1 create a narrowing base and a value of 1 derives a cylinder.

Derived cone shapes shown here, note cone base or top matches the surface it was derived from.