Copy/Paste Features

Copy/Paste features are in the Edit menu

Copies selected Object A(s)

Paste Overlay

Paste overlay feature places objects in scene at same location they were originally copied from.  This allows pasted objects to be transformed in reference from the source object while staying aligned in other dimensions. 

Copy and Paste Overlay
Shortcut for Copy then Paste Overlay

Paste To View Location
Places copied objects in scene at a location relative to view position. 

Multiple Paste
Transform and place multiple objects into scene.  When Object B is selected multi-paste dialog is automatically initialized with Object B's center to use for rotations.

Note: Be aware that pasted objects can be occluded by other objects in scene.  All paste features automatically select pasted objects as Object A(s) with number of objects indicated in status bar.

Multi-paste example

Multi-Paste result