CSG Functions and Settings

Constructive Solid Geometry or Solid Modeling functions are used to create complex models by combining primitive shapes.  CSG functions operate using the enclosed volumes between objects.

CSG Functions
● Union - Add volume of two objects together
● Difference - Subtract volume of one object from another
● Intersection - Take the overlapping volume of two objects

To use CSG functions select one object as Solid A and another as Solid B from the scene.  Using Control Panel or menu commands choose CSG operation to apply.

Example of CSG functions

Addition of object volumes from Union

Subtraction of object volumes from Difference

Overlapping volumes from Intersection

CSG Tree Deconstruct (Undo)

A CSG tree contains the history of CSG functions and objects (solids) which constructed the rendered top level object.  All solids have a CSG tree allowing previous revisions from the top level object to be restored.  CSG trees are stored with the file enabling revisions to previous model steps at any time.

To go back through CSG functions and make alterations use the CSG undo functions, on the control panel.  When an undo CSG function occurs the Solid A and Solid B model from last CSG function are restored in their original orientation, the current top level object is deleted.  

Note: When stepping back through the CSG tree original Solid A/B will be translated to the current top level object's center location.  Other transformations, rotations, scales, reflections applied to top level object post CSG function are not saved.  Original Solid A/B are recovered.

CSG Tree Settings

The CSG tree depth sets the number of previous CSG functions and model revisions contained in the tree, that is the number of undo levels recoverable.  Depth settings is configured from the Solid: CSG Tree menu option.   

Settings will be applied to selected Solid A(s).  Whether CSG tree is included when using copy menu functions is also an option.

Changing default CSG Tree settings

To set default settings for new solids use menu option when no Objects/Solid A(s) are selected.