Basic Controls

Application display with selection types

Control Panel

x, y, z transform X/Y/Z axis, left arrows are negative, right arrows are positive direction
v rotate/translate ± along selected Surface A vector, when in scale/texture mode scale uniform
CSG Difference, Union, Intersection
Icons to Undo previous (in succession) CSG functions that were applied
Enable Surface grid align movements (applies if base plane grid/surface grid is enabled)
BCR - Use Solid/Object B''s center for rotations (B Center Rotate), if no Object B selected use Solid/Object A(s) center for rotations as usual
Texture - Set controls in texture transform mode

TFS - Set transform speed

Rotate/Translate/Scale Panel

Specific transformations are applied to selected Object A(s).  Two scale types can be applied, default is an additive scale, second type is scale by factor. 
V - Rotate/Translate along selected Surface A's vector.

Key board controls

Key board can be used for incremental transformations

Transform Mode Left/Right Arrow Keys Up/Down Arrow Keys PgUp/PgDn -,+ Keys
Rotate Y Axis X Axis Z Axis Surface A vector rotate
Translate X Axis Y Axis Z Axis Surface A vector translate
Scale X Axis Y Axis Z Axis Uniform scale
Scale +Shift Uniform XZ Scale   +Shift uniform XZ Scale  
Texture Translate S texture direction Translate T texture direction Rotate texture Uniform scale texture
Texture +Shift Scale S texture direction +Shift Scale T texture direction    

View controls

Caps Lock - Set keyboard in View control mode

Key controls when caps lock is set
Keys Action
Left/Right Arrow Pan left/right
Up/Down Arrow Move in/out of scene
PgUp/PgDn Tilt view up/down
-,+ Move vertically
+Shift Left/Right Arrow Lateral left/right