Arch Style Shapes & Texture Mapping

Cylinder and Torus shapes can have arch style profiles.  Arch style options include elliptical, pointed and catenary profiles.

Creating Arch Style Shapes

Create a new object with Solid: New: Cylinder or Torus options or use icons on quick command bar and choose an arched shape style from list.

Cylinder arch style shapes

Torus arch style shapes

Arch Style Texture Mapping & Texture Ratio Adjustments

Torus arched shapes include option for arch style texture mapping in which texture wraps and conforms to the arch shape.  When creating a arched torus shape choose Arch Style Texture Mapping in the torus dialog.  By default s,t texture ratio is 1:1, each unit of texture space will map to 1 unit of geometric space.  Normally texture ratio will need to be adjusted to achieve the intended look. 

Referring to image below
Initial arch shape is created with a default texture s,t ratio of 1:1.  Using primitive shaping features arch columns are extended.  Select any one of the arched shape surface's as Surface A, set texture transform mode on the control panel.  Hold down shift key and use left/right, up/down arrow keys to independently adjust s,t texture ratios (make sure Num Lock is disabled).  Usually s ratio will need to be increased due to wrapping from one arch column base around to the next and t ratio will need to be decreased to wrap vertically around arch once.

Note: s,t texture ratios will vary based on arch shape size and texture resolution