Animations scripts are a sequence of transformations (rotations, translations) applied to objects.  Animations are programmable including logic and flow control.  Transformations can be dynamic, transformations can be based on location/orientation of objects and surfaces in the scene at a particular time frame. 

Setting up an Animation Script

Open Animation dialog using Window: Animation menu option

Edit window
Contains animation script

Adds a new Animation script

Named Objects
Add an object from scene by selecting as Solid A and entering a Variable Name

Named Surfaces
Add a surface from scene by selecting as Surface A and entering a Variable Name

Generates animation script indicating any errors

Generates and runs animation script

Run All
Generates and runs all animation scripts

Stops all animations from running

When a named Object or Surface is selected from variable list it will be highlighted and selected from the scene as either Solid A or Surface A

Animation Script Structure

Local variables are declared at beginning of script before anything else
Named Objects and Surfaces are global
Case sensitive
No line ending delineator character
One instruction per line
'//' is used for comment line
Function based style
● Uses '.' operator to invoke a function with parameters
● From example above Cylinder.Rotate

Function Parameter Types

Parameter Type Description
Constant Scalar constant value, i.e. 0.5, 1 
VERTEX 3 component floating point vector (x, y, z)
VERTEX component Scalar floating point value .x/.y/.z
MATRIX2X2 2x2 matrix, 4 floating point values
Object Named Object from scene, when used as a VERTEX parameter vector value is Object center, (Center.x, Center.y, Center.z)
Surface Named Surface from scene, when used as VERTEX parameter vector value is Surface normal, (N.x, N.y, N.z)