Samples Guide
Useful Tips

Getting Started
Basic Controls
Axis Guides
On-screen Mouse/Pointer Controls
Creating New Objects
Primitive Shaping Features
Stair Styles and Features
Arch Style Shapes and Texture Mapping
Overhang Style Shapes
Choosing a Unit Display Mode
Copy/Paste Features
Using a Selection Box
CSG Functions and Settings
Orientation Rectangles
Aligning Objects and Surfaces
Reflection Planes
Double Sided Surfaces
Setting a Base Plane Grid
Using Surface Grids
Importing Between Files
Export File Formats
Surface Effects
Sphere Texture Mapping
Texture Blending/Multi-texture
Height Mapping
Color Modulation Map for Height Mapped Surfaces
Environment Mapping
Object Effects
Instance Objects
Interactively Map Instance Objects on Surfaces
Displacement Mapped Objects
Variance Surfaces
Lighting and Shadows
Environment Effects
Scene Effects
  Vertex Variables
  Object Variables
  Surface Variables
  Matrix 2x2 Variables
  Math Functions
  Wait for Frame
  Loops and Conditionals
  FrameTime Variable
  View Functions
Texture Utility